Electrical vehicle(EV) purchases have been on the rise.  No wonder with a multitude of benefits such as incentives, rising gas costs and just being more environmentally friendly there are a lot of reasons to go EV. 

But when purchasing our EV their comes the question, where and how can we charge it?  With around 1000 public fast charging stations in B.C. finding a public location is an option, but with our busy lifestyles charging at home can sometimes make better sense.  

Charging at home we have two options:

  • We can use a regular regular electrical outlet(level 1)  which can take several hours for a full charge
  • We can install a level 2 EV home charger, speeding up the charging process considerably. 

Luckily for us right now there are some rebates making installing a level 2 EV charger an affordable option.

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