A home renovation can be exciting but also a stressful endeavour.  Where do you start? What contractor to pick? Should we hire an interior designer? are all questions we ask ourselves when starting a home renovation project.

But before we call contractors, apply for permits and get ready to demo, it might be beneficial to sit down and use a room planner application. A room planner application will allow us to plan our room, calculate dimensions and create a visual 3d image of our desired room. This way we can start our project with end in mind, making the whole renovation process easier.

Creating our room with an app will also:

  • Bring clarity on the type of design we want – Often it can take a while for us to clear vision of our project. We do research online, read magazines and ask friends, and all this thinking can take months. Using the room planner during this process can help us put those thoughts on the screen and be crystal clear on what we want.
  • Help us communicate with contractor – The home contractor is not guessing what you want, and make a detailed estimate and schedule for your project 
  • Share ideas with interior designers online – Gone our the days where we need to spend a lot of money on interior designers.  There are many web based interior designer companies that can help us online.  Just show the interior designer your 3d room and they will able to give you some tips and insight to make your room appealing.
  • Besides its fun to build your room

There are various room planner applications from desktop software, mobile apps to web based applications.  These apps can vary in complexity. Some apps target industry professionals and can be quite complex, whereas other applications are more suited for home owners.

Here is a list of some possible apps for you the homeowner: